Permission Refused – on we go!

As you may recall, we were waiting to hear from the Court, about permission to proceed to the Judicial Review. On Thursday 22nd October, we received a letter advising us that permission to apply for Judicial Review has been refused.  We were refused on the basis of time – the Judge ruling that the challenge to both the Regulations and the Guidance is hopelessly out of time, and that there is, in his opinion, no good reason to extend time.

We have the right to appeal, and given we do not agree with the Judge that there is no good reason to extend time, we will Appeal within 7 days. So we are pressing on… all the while knowing that all the delays mean more RSE classes are happening in schools which potentially will be exposing young children to inappropriate, sexualised content.

Regarding sexualised content, the video link below shows genuine RSE resources, prepared for use in the classroom. Whilst it makes for uncomfortable viewing, it nevertheless highlights why we are seeking this Judicial Review – Feel free to share it as you feel appropriate.