Court of Appeal is the next step…

The Judge considered that all our claims on parental rights are arguable. However, we have not yet been given permission to go to a full hearing because the judge agreed with the government that there was too much delay in bringing the case. 

This is a surreal situation because prior to launching our case the government claimed that it was premature and we needed to wait until we were directly affected before bringing it! We filed the case the very same day the Regulations and Guidance came into force and on the basis of multiple established Court of Appeal authorities we are confident that we were entirely in time to bring this action. 

We filed our appeal to the Court of Appeal on Monday 14th December. We have 14 days from that date to submit a Skeleton argument to the Court, which will be done. Given the Christmas Holidays, the team believe the Lord Justice of Appeal will likely make the decision in January. 

On we go!