Recent Guidance on RSE – what does it mean for the case?

We’ve been asked if there has been a recent victory over RSE in schools. In recent communications, the Government have been adamant that the recently published materials (including non statutory Guidance on implementation of RSE teaching) were in no way a “concession” and that the “guidance under challenge in the present claim remains in force”.

That being the case, the Let Kids Be Kids Coalition challenge of that Statutory Guidance and the lack of Parental Right of Withdrawal, remains steadfast and in need of your support.

Woman Alive asks: Are new school regulations sexualising our children?

The Let Kids Be Kids Coalition is fighting the no ‘right to withdraw’ for parents

The new school year has started, and with it has come the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum. With effect from 1 September 2020 the UK Government has introduced compulsory Relationships Education (RE) for all primary school children, compulsory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) for all secondary school children, and compulsory Health Education (HE) for all primary and secondary school children.  


Francesca, a mother of primary and secondary aged children says, “We need to safeguard our children and our parental rights. As parents we are the primary educators of our children not the state.”

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School Gate Campaign fully supports Let Kids Be Kids Coalition

We are pleased to announce that School Gate Campaign have joined us as a partner. Commenting on the work of LKBKC, Susan Mason the CEO of School Gate Campaign said:

“School Gate Campaign fully supportsLet Kids Be Kids Coalition and its action to preserve parental rights and protect children in schools. We call on parents everywhere to support this action and take a stand for the next generation.”

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