Welsh Schools Legal Challenge

Parents launch legal fight over gender classes for three-year-olds as campaigners say they are ‘inappropriate’ for primary school pupils


Parents have launched emergency legal action against compulsory ‘sexuality and gender‘ classes for pupils as young as three.

They asked the High Court last Friday to intervene to block lessons due to start in schools in Wales after the summer holidays.

Ministers in the Labour-run Cardiff government insist the new curriculum will embed sex and gender themes into day-to-day teaching in all subjects.

Mother-of-two Kim Isherwood said: ‘It’s weaving adult debates into all subjects, so even in maths, we’ve seen things like “find the area of an LGBT flag” or “calculate the percentage of people with chlamydia”. It’s dangerous and infuriating.’

In the landmark case, the courts will effectively be asked to decide if parents are to lose their rights to opt their children out of sex and religious education classes. Parents have previously been able to withhold consent for their children to be taught these topics.  But the Wales government has classified the RSE classes starting next month as ‘mandatory’.  Sexuality and gender identity issues will be woven into all classes, regardless of subject.