“Its bordering on child abuse”, says the Daily Mail 


Parents From Multi-Faith Backgrounds Unite To Fight Government Over New ‘Sex And Relationship’ Teaching       

“SPUC, Safe at School is delighted to support LKBKC action to protect our nation’s children” John Smeaton, CEO. 

           #StopSexualisingOurKids     PLEASE! 

“Relationships and Sex Education policy, is prematurely sexualising children and exposing them to harm…” Voice for Justice, UK      


    “I believe the only way parents can properly protect their children is to arm themselves with knowledge – and the Right to Withdraw.”   


“…the right of parents to have their children educated according to their own beliefs and values is one of the most basic and fundamental human rights we must fight to uphold.” John Smeaton, SPUC.


“The principle task of all educational institutions is to guarantee safety and age appropriate teaching for all pupils.” William Hampson, OBE.                     


“SREIslamic fully supports LKBK Coalition’s legal challenge.  On behalf of the Muslim community, you can count on our support both morally and financially for the right of parents to educate their children in line with their values.” Yusuf Patel.        

               #StopSexualisingOurKids       PLEASE! 

In 15 years time, will the next generation ask us: “Where were you? Why didn’t you do something?”          

Do you know what your children are being taught in relationship and sex education?

RSE Unmasked: Find out what your children could be taught, if your school uses certain resources… some of them are utterly shocking… be aware… be alert… children should not be sexualised under the guise of “education”.

WARNING- some of the materials are shocking and may cause distress.

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John Smeaton CEO
SPUC, Safe at School delighted to support LKBKC action

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali Sends Letter of Support to LKBKC’s Chairman Charlie Colchester.
Cherie Colman, Founder and Director of Cheer, is delighted to Partner with LKBKC in their vital work.