About Us

Founded by Charlie Colchester, Let Kids Be Kids Coalition is a faith-based coalition and for those who share our purpose to safeguard and protect children by defending parental rights. To hear more about LKBKC, listen to a recent interview Charlie did with Premier Radio. Or you can see an excerpt from the video on Facebook by clicking here.

LKBKC are vehemently against victimisation of any groups in society and our aim is to defend and promote parental rights to protect their children. 

From September 2020 the Department for Education (DfE) is introducing compulsory changes to the school curriculum that risk sexualising children and undermining parents’ prerogative to direct their children’s upbringing in accordance with their religious and philosophical beliefs.

Relationships Education will be compulsory in all primary schools, and Health Education will be compulsory in all primary and secondary schools. The DfE is encouraging the teaching of these new subjects to include content that amounts to sex education. But parents will have no right to withdraw their children from these new subjects.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) will be compulsory in all secondary schools. But, whereas parents currently have an unqualified right to withdraw their children from sex education, parents’ rights to withdraw their children from RSE will be significantly limited.

We believe that the DfE’s changes are an unlawful interference with important parental rights. We have instructed Paul Diamond, a leading human rights barrister, to commence a Judicial Review against the DfE.