1. Who are the Let Kids Be Kids Coalition?
    • Let Kids Be Kids is a faith based coalition open to Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and all those who share our purpose to safeguard and protect children by underpinning parental rights.
  2. What is the case about?
    • The case is about promoting and protecting parental rights: parents are responsible for the upbringing and rearing of their own children. We seek to maintain the principle that parents are the primary carers of children; and, as such, are responsible for setting the religious, moral and ethical direction for their children.
    • This case is about defending the long-established human right of parents to withdraw their children from classes that are contrary to their convictions. Traditionally parents could withdraw their child from religious education and sex education. This case is about the right of withdrawal from sex education classes
  3. Why has this Judicial Review been brought?
    • The current education system has respected this parental right; until now.
    • The Government has decided that from 1st September 2020 the right of parents to withdraw children from sex education classes will, in effect, be removed in the case of primary school children (where such teaching will be called “Relationships education”) or restricted in the case of secondary school children.
    • The exact content of such education is unclear, but in a recent case in Birmingham primary school children were introduced to highly controversial lifestyle teaching with moral and ethical implications.
  4. When is the Judicial Review likely to be decided?
    • The case may be expedited by reason of the fact that the Regulations come into effect on 1st September.  It would be anticipated that a Court of Appeal hearing will be within 3 months.
  5. Can’t parents just withdraw their children if they don’t want them to learn these things?
    • Up until now parents have had the right to withdraw their children from any sex education classes that they did not approve of.   Furthermore, independent schools have not had any obligation to teach sex education at all.
    • After 1st September this will change: the right to withdraw will be removed in primary schools and restricted in secondary schools, and independent schools will be obliged to teach sex education.
  6. Can I help?
    • Yes please! If you would like to help, contact us and we can discuss.
  7. I have a story which relates to this – is that of interest?
    • Yes! We’d love to hear from you if you have personal stories about children being taught content which the parent/child is uncomfortable with. If you would like it to be given in confidence – that’s no problem.
  8. Why should I donate to the LKBK coalition?
    • Litigation is expensive and we need financial support to be able to challenge the Department for Education.
  9. How can I support the case financially?
    • You can visit our Donate page by clicking here.
  10. Can I give by Direct Debit?
  11. Are gifts tax deductible?
    • On this occasion unfortunately not, as we are not a charity.
  12. Whom do I contact, if I have questions?