Premier Radio interviews LKBKC Chairman, Charlie Colchester.

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Transgenderism to be taught in schools

How do you feel about primary aged children being taught about transgenderism? If you are unhappy with the idea as a parent, from this September you will no longer have the right to remove your child from relationships and sex education. Charlie Colchester, Chair of the ‘Let Kids Be Kids’ Coalition is leading a case against the government to stop this move which is due to be released in schools in a matter of weeks. He shares with Premier's Maria Rodrigues that he believes the material is not age appropriate. For information visit

Gepostet von Premier am Dienstag, 25. August 2020

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali sends a letter of support to LKBKC’s Chairman Charlie Colchester

Dear Charlie

I was interested to learn of your possible challenge to the Department for Education about parental rights of withdrawal of  children from aspects of education contrary to the parents’ beliefs and values. I hope that agreement will be reached and that your action will be unnecessary.

I write to support your view that parents are the primary carers of their children and have the right to bring them up according to their moral, religious or philosophical beliefs. The role of the State is strictly ancillary in the education and nurture of children. We must never lose sight of this if we are not to lapse into totalitarianism.

I  have been assured that the right of withdrawal will be maintained and that sex education will not be required to be taught in primary school. We need, however, to be vigilant and to make sure that any promises made are kept. Parents must continue to have the right to withdraw their children from any aspect of education which is contrary to their moral, religious or philosophical beliefs and values.

I do hope and pray that your efforts will lead to the maintenance of the fundamental rights of parents as to how their children are brought up.